Regular club racing will be held each weekend. The MC’s will race Saturday morning and the E’s & Lightning’s on Sunday morning. note that holiday weekends operate under a different schedule. 


May 7

Club Scrub 2 (if necessary)

May 20

Club (and bar) “soft” opening (Friday evening)

May 28

First MC Racing Day

May 29

First E Scow & Lightning Racing Day

May 30 Memorial Day (Monday)

Club Races for E Scows & Lightnings


June 17

Member Wedding (Friday)

June 19

Father’s Day BBQ

June 25-26

Lightning Champagne Regatta 

Club Dinner by Lightning Fleet

June 25-26

E Scow Home & Home

Keuka @ Chautauqua

June 27-June 30

Sailing School Session 1


July 1

Friday Night Laser Sailing

every Friday through August

July 3-4

Club races (the 4th is on Monday)

July 5-8 

Sailing School Session 2

July 11-14 

Sailing School Session 3

July 18-21 

Sailing School Session 4

July 25-28 

Sailing School Session 5

July 29-30 

150th Celebration

Special Dinners/Events/Bands both nights

July 30-31 

E Scow Home & Home 

Chautauqua @ Keuka


April 30

Club Scrub 1


August 1-4

Sailing School Session 6

August 1-4

Advanced Sailing & Racing (Week 1 of 2)

August 8-11

Sailing School Session 7

Advanced Sailing & Racing (Week 2 of 2)

August 13

Movie Night (tentative)

August 15-18

Sailing School Session 8

August 18

Jr. Sailing KYC/Camp Cory Annual Regatta

August 20-21

MC Nor’ Easterns

Club Dinner by MC Scow Fleet

August 27

Member Wedding (Saturday)


September 4 

Club Races, KYC Annual Meeting, LKSF Annual Meeting

September 5

Labor Day – Club Races for E Scows & Lightnings

September 10

Member Party (Saturday)

September 17-18

FLACE E Scow Regatta


October 1-2

Last Weekend of Club Racing