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History of Keuka Yacht Club

In the 1970's Bonnie Hawk Barney began to take an interest in the stories she was hearing from older members of the Keuka Yacht Club. She decided to investigate a number of these stories, since they seldom were the same story from different members. During the next few years, she discovered past members still holding onto photos, newspaper articles, notes, meeting minutes, trophies, and many other memorabilia.

During this same period of time, Bonnie was editor and publisher of the Yacht Club's newsletter, The Bilge Pump. Each week, she would write another chapter for publication. It was by far the most anticipated publication members ever received. It was great departure from the typical race results and dinner menus.

If Bonnie were writing today, she might have written her history as a blog, so we're republishing it here in this form. Many thanks to Bonnie Barney for her hard work and contribution to the history of KYC.

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