KYC is a friendly club without airs, and while its major activity is related to sailing and racing sail boats, the club also welcomes non-boating members. New members must be recommended by two current members, and if you don't know any club members, we will be happy to arrange for you to visit the club and meet members. Our membership is very open and includes people of many different walks of life and backgrounds. We would encourage all prospective members to visit the club and please read through the Bylaws and House & Ground Rules at the bottom of this page.

Membership categories and pricing are detailed below. If you have questions, please contact the membership chairman, Emily Norris, at


Boating members have full to KYC facilities, waterfront, slip rental, and racing programs. Any married person or single person with dependent children must join as a full family member, and family memberships receive two votes. Unmarried individuals with no dependent children can join as singles and receive one vote. The reduced student is available to full-time students and does not include voting privileges or the right to hold office. Members over 65 receive a 15% discount for boating memberships.

Family $775.00/year

Single $387.00/year

Senior Family $658.75/year

Senior Single $328.95/year

(plus tax)


Social membership is available for families or singles who just want access to the club facilities wishing only limited use of the club facilities. Social members may not launch or store boats, rent slips, rent sailboats, vote, or hold office, but can participate in boating activities under certain conditions.

$387.00/year (plus tax)


Any person wishing to participate in the racing activites and use the club grounds on racing days may elect to pay a limited membership fee. These members may not launch or store boats on the grounds, rent slips, vote, or hold office, but they can participate every weekend in all the racing events as crew. If you are interested in racing sailboats, this membership is a good choice for the first year.

$218.00/year (plus tax)


Full-time students can enjoy the use of the yacht club for a reduced rate. Students have full privileges except the right to vote or hold office.

$151.25/year (plus tax)


KYC has boat storage on land, two sailboat launch cranes, and a boat launch. A limited number of slips are also available at the KYC docks, and there is currently a waitlist for spots. A boating membership is required.

Livery service fees

$8/ft summer, $4/ft winter

Empty trailer $4/ft, Boat rack $4/ft

Slip $800/year